daily kaddish: for Lillian Isabel (October 18–21, 2011)

My friend Cori Kesler wrote me a few days before I made this recording for her, and I’m really sorry that I got so far behind in posting these daily Kaddishim that I’m only now sharing it with her almost a month later.

This is a story about friends, moms, daughters, sisters sharing life and death stories. Cori wrote:

I’m in Columbia Falls (near Kalispel). Weeks ago I made plans to come help my friend out after her surgery and then this tragic death happened.

Lily’s older sister who is about 12 wrote the following poem for her baby sister:


Lillybel, Lillybel
My oh so sweet baby
Our beautiful Lillybel

Come to us in our darkest
We showered you in love
For 13 days I held you
Our sweet Lillybel

The more we cry
The more we love
It was and is all
for you.

Lillybel, Lillybel
My oh so sweet Lillybel
Our beautiful baby girl

Even if you cried
at night
Even if you need us
We are here for you
And you are up high for

I’ll pick a star up
in the sky
Just for you
And think of you all day.

Lillybel, Lillybel
My oh so sweet Lillybel
Our beautiful baby girl

You knew no cruelty
You only knew love
We shielded you from
Just to save ourselves

Now we are hugging, kissing,
waiting… waiting for
you to show yourself to
us again

Lillybel, Lillybel
My oh so sweet baby girl
Our Beautiful Lillybel

Our one and only

In loving memory of Lillian Isabel Nelson
I dedicate this poem to you

Your always loving Big Sister

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