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my father’s favorite boys speak up

Did the tzaddik walk into a bar? Did he drink a beer? Did he watch the World Series on that day? So. The answer appears to be (I’ll cut to the chase) — no, he did not.  The whole tzaddik … Continue reading

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the life-taker and the life-giver: on the healing power of estrogen

It was a very long time ago, but I just got jolted by it again. He, the Vet, had walked into my office. There was already a student in there and she overheard him say, “I could have killed you … Continue reading

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check list for the living

When a good friend checked herself into a posh home for unencumbered elders … I stopped seeing her. This, despite that she now resided 60 miles closer than she had before. This despite my longstanding secret desire that she move … Continue reading

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