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Seymour Fromer z”l

Here, it is hoped that you who remember Seymour Fromer will add your own voices to our  memorial site.  I have heard many wonderful tales of my father from those who shared his dreams, ambitions and adventures, those he influenced, and those who fought him every inch of the way.  All these tales are worthy of collection — my father being, after all, one who treasured each and every fragment in the act of collection.

I hope to gather as many of these stories as possible for all of us, not just to laugh or cry, but to remember the deeds and misdeeds of the righteous.   These stories will be collected into a volume at the end of our Kaddish in Two-Part Harmony project.  Posting here constitutes permission to use your tale, or portions thereof, in this forthcoming book of remembrances.  In this way, it will not be just my own voice, or the voice of the historians alone, but all of our memories, collective, shared, and/or individual and idiosyncratic that will be heard.  You are welcome to post more than once, if you recall a new story that you would like to share.  Note that submissions may be edited for typographical or other technical errors.  Please be as accurate as you can in terms of dates and places — although we welcome alternate views of the same event or theme.  If you read something you remember differently from the way it is told by someone else, please feel free to include a comment with your own recollections.

You are welcome to submit photographs (with or without captions), of yourself and/or your adventures with my father.  You are welcome  to post links to other sites as well.  Please be sure to leave your name, affiliation and contact information, so that questions can be clarified.  If you have trouble posting to our site, you are welcome to submit your offerings to   In great appreciation — Mira

tzaddik stories

I’ve been writing Tzaddik Stories for a long time now.  As well as a text called Alternate Teachings: A Kabbalistic Tale, that is based in part on my travels with my father. Some of the tales of my father that are posted here may have also been posted on our home page and/or at my blogspot site as well.  The comments that have been posted differ at each location.  Not only that, but the original tales have become interspersed with so many other topics, yikzors, and conversations that they are becoming a bit difficult to find, or to read in any coherent or comprehensive way.  So.  I’m gathering up the sparks and attempting to collect them into one unified place — a museum, if you will, a museum filled with the many and diverse tales of my father.

Yours included. You do not need to return to the original posting sites to add your own comments.  More important, is that if you have memories or tales of your own to share with us, I encourage you to post them here in our tzaddik stories section of kaddish in two-part harmony. The harmonies are growing — we’d like your voice included, if you have a tale that belongs here.

The task of gathering the sparks is a daunting one.  I know they will not all be collected, but the more we gather, the more complete our picture of this tzaddik and his times. We may not attain wholeness here or bring him back to life — but we can rekindle real memories now, before we lose sight of the real man, his successes, his failures, and how he touched our lives.

Tzaddik Stories are collected here.

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