daily kaddish: horn, text, and chant


This recording has three layers. First I recorded the horn track, and then I started a new track for Mira to record the text. I started chanting the text somewhat absent-mindedly in order to set the input gain for Mira’s track (it needs to be higher for a voice to come out even with the much louder sound of a horn), and it seemed interesting, so I stopped, dug up my PDF of the text, and started again from the beginning, making up a psalm-like chanting style in the tonality of Kogan’s “Kaddish.” Then I cued it up a third time for Mira to do her thing.

About erin

Erin Vang, PMP, BMus, MMus, is Owner and Principal Pragmatist of the consultancy Global Pragmatica LLC®, offering custom JMP scripting, localization program management, and facilitative leadership services. She is also an orchestral horn player who freelances in the San Francisco Bay Area and plays assorted brass for the celebrated dance bands Midnight Smørgåsbord and contraPtion. More about Erin…
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