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daily kaddish: at 1am

Once again a statistical software conference pushes my Kaddish duties into the wee hours.


I wrote yesterday about being up until 2am writing a talk for the WUSS conference. Today was almost as long, starting with a scramble in the morning to put out a few fires before leaving to spend the rest of the day at the conference. My poster was supposed to be delivered by 10:30am but still hadn’t arrived at 11am. I called FedEx and was told it was at the sorting facility near Oakland Airport (about half an hour from where I live) because of some kind of addressing problem, so I drove there to pick it up myself on my way into the city for the conference, only to be told that it had gone out again on the afternoon truck. Fortunately, they were able to reach the driver, who hadn’t gotten far, and he agreed to come back and meet me in the parking lot. Twenty minutes later, I was finally on my way to the conference, only to hit horrible traffic on I-880 due to some kind of accident; fifteen minutes of detouring through locals later, I was finally moving again. I arrived ten minutes before the poster session was to start.

Turns out I’m not actually giving a talk at the conference, but the story is longer than it is interesting.

It was another long day. The conference wrapped around six and then adjourned for the requisite networking mixer—cocktails and appetizers and schmoozing, which can be fun and fortunately this time it was, but they are always exhausting. I finally got home after 9pm, and then I started dealing with upgrading my main Mac—installing RAM and an SSD drive in the new machine that had just arrived, and then trying to get everything transferred from my old Mac to my new Mac. At 1am I finally had reached the “come back in eight hours” point in the process, and once again found myself playing a kaddish in the wee hours.

Which sounds like it.

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