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Mira and I did a Kaddish together at the start of her Jewish Mysticism class at San José State University tonight.


Mira’s Jewish Mysticism class at San José State University celebrated Rosh Hashana tonight. Technically it isn’t Rosh Hashana yet—it’s the eve of the eve—but her class only meets once a week, so: close enough. Since I was in San Jose this afternoon for business, she invited me to come by afterward and do a Kaddish for the year 5771 with her at the start of the evening class.

Mira introduced the Kaddish prayer and traditions, and then she read from her siddur while I played Kogan’s “Kaddish.” I’m not sure if anyone else hears a difference, but for me anyway, this piece seems to work a lot better when I have a live audience.

Afterward, I spoke a bit about the music and my history with the piece. Then we fielded questions and broke challah together and ate it with honey and dates in hopes of a sweet new year 5772.

I can’t help thinking that 5772 has got to be a sweeter year than 5771 has been for me and most of my near and dear, but it feels like bad luck to say such a thing out loud. What horrors 5772 could bring if we were to tempt it with such talk! May we all be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

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