daily kaddish: for all our pets


I’ve been thinking about departed critters a lot lately, because I’ve been at the vet a lot lately.

All three meezers came due for their physicals, and Gjetost ended up having to return for dental work. Cats get their dentistry done under general anesthesia, so it becomes a major operation where you drop off the cat first thing, wait all day, and then pick her up (you hope) at the end of the day. Her gums have been hideously inflamed, which we hope is just intense gingivitis that will be relieved by extraction of the irritating teeth, but it could be a squamous carcinoma tumor, so the vet took a biopsy as well. She’s going to need both antibiotics and prednisolone for a while, so I have a bunch of cat-pilling to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Kjersti has been favoring a paw for about a week and as of Monday didn’t want to put it down if she didn’t have to, so I tried to take her in to get it checked out Monday afternoon, only to discover that the opera rehearsal that I thought was Monday evening was actually Monday afternoon. On my hurried way to be late to rehearsal I called back and rescheduled her visit until the end of the day today.

Dr Dorsey pronounced her paw fine (no sign of foxtail, probably just a bruise or sprain) and then gave me the news on Gjetost: so far everything looks like gingivitis, and she should be doing a lot better now that the bad teeth are out.

All this time at the vet’s office, though, has been making me think of Norton and Candy, my late alpha cat and black lab. May they rest in peace, or tear around after balls like maniacs.

I recorded this backstage at the opera.

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