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a yizkor for Hy Glantz — guest post from Alana Glantz Zussman and Michael Jacob Zussman

Hy Glantz

Here is the speech we read at Grandpa Hy’s funeral.  Hy (his full name was Herman) Glantz was born February 22, 1924 and died July 2, 2011 of mesothelioma. Most likely due to asbestos exposure while working in the Brooklyn Navy Yards in the 1940s.

In the Glantz family there is a tradition started by Grandpa Hy. The tradition is that at each grandchild’s wedding, Grandpa would choose a word that is representative of the couple getting married. Each letter of the word would stand for a trait the couple shares, or wish for the couple in their lives together. Keith and Laura were given the word LOVE. Danny and Erika, was SMILE, Brooke and David was HAPPY, and recently grandpa gave an award winning speech at our wedding and our word was FOREVER. Grandpa also possessed Love, Smiles, Happiness and he will be Forever remembered. We thought it would also be appropriate to provide a word to celebrate Grandpa Hy.

Hy is the abbreviation for his given Hebrew name Chaim, which means Life. So today, as we all gather here to remember Grandpa Chaim, we celebrate his life. 

C is for Charmer.   He had a contagious smile, twinkling blue eyes, and groovy dance moves.

H is heart, for he was full of heart and passion in every aspect of his life.

A is for Always giving waiters and waitresses a hard time.

I is for In Love.  In love with Hilly, his wife of 61 years, in love with his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, in love with his friends, playing bridge and golf.

M is for money.  For the dollar bills he gave us when he taught us how to play poker, but really for making our lives richer and more valuable just by knowing him.

I will miss grandpa dearly and I will always think of him when I drink lemons in my water, scoop out my bagels at breakfast, comb my hair, make fresh orange juice, drive past golf courses, play poker, wait for elevators, have terrible service at restaurants, and pretty much all the time.

— Alana Glantz Zussman and Michael Jacob Zussman

By mira

Mira Z. Amiras is Professor of Comparative Religious Studies and founder of the Middle East Studies Program at San Jose State University. She is past-president of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, and has served on the Executive Council of the American Anthropological Association. She is co-founder, with Ovid Jacob, of Beit Malkhut, a study group in Jewish sacred text. She's most attached to the creatures of her body and her household — first and foremost, her kids, of course: Michael and Rayna — and then the other folks large and small of various species, including Roshi and Vlad, a whole lot of hummingbirds, the old parrot who lives next door, and a beautiful garden that does what it will.

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