daily kaddish: for r’ schmeerson


Well, you just have to read Mira’s post about it. How could the shikse resist? And didn’t she just have to use the church reverb effect?

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  1. mira says:

    Trying to learn this Ashkenazi accented kaddish from the Chabad ‘learn to recite kaddish like a pro’ website was absolutely daunting — and hilarious. The ‘oi’s of it all feel downright barbaric, antiquated and shtetly–quaint. Much more exposure, and it might be catchy.

    If you didn’t catch them, these were the Ashkenazi substitutions:

    ויתרומם – ve-yitroimum instead of ve-yitromum

    עשה – oiseh instead of oseh

    שלום – shaloim instead of shalom

    במרומיו – bimroimav instead of bimromav

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