daily kaddish: other kinds of loss


We grieve all kinds of losses that have causes other than death—people move away, break up, have fallings out, become senile, descend into mental illness, are debilitated by injury or illness, and on and on. Some of these are perhaps harder than death itself.

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Erin Vang, PMP, BMus, MMus, is Owner and Principal Pragmatist of the consultancy Global Pragmatica LLC®, offering custom JMP scripting, localization program management, and facilitative leadership services. She is also an orchestral horn player who freelances in the San Francisco Bay Area and plays assorted brass for the celebrated dance bands Midnight Smørgåsbord and contraPtion. More about Erin…
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2 Responses to daily kaddish: other kinds of loss

  1. mira says:

    I am not alone in feeling the overwhelming sadness of this kaddish, and its depth of tremendous loss. A friend remarked today on how much this one helped her. You give in to Kogan’s Kaddish entirely here. And we need to just sit with it, in all its pain, with silence. Thank you, Erin, for this one — for all of us.

    • erin says:

      I felt overwhelming sadness when I made this one; I was mourning an impending huge loss of my own and felt unable to come to terms with it. The music came out of me on its own that night. I didn’t have enough brain power to think or plan anything; all I could do was listen to the music that was coming out of me and hear my own sadness.

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