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daily kaddish: for a burned Qur’an

A Kaddish for a burned Qur’an and for the five Aghans, four Nepalese, and three Europeans killed today in retribution. As Reb Deb commented: “The idiot. The blasphemous idiot. You don’t burn books.”


I played today’s Kaddish on piano because my nose is still aching, and I’ve learned in the last several days that I flare my nostrils when I’m playing, because it hurts like mad. So I sat down at the piano instead and let Mira’s voice take the lead—which she had to do anyway. Tonight’s Kaddish needed her voice intoning the bismilleh at beginning, at end, and throughout the middle.

As reported by the New York Times:

MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghanistan — Stirred up by three angry mullahs who urged them to avenge the burning of a Koran at a Florida church, thousands of protesters on Friday overran the compound of theUnited Nations in this northern Afghan city, killing at least 12 people, Afghan and United Nations officials said.

The dead included at least seven United Nations workers — four Nepalese guards and three Europeans from Romania, Sweden and Norway — according to United Nations officials in New York. One was a woman. Early reports, later denied by Afghan officials, said that at least two of the dead had been beheaded. Five Afghans were also killed.

As requested by Reb Deb:

A Kaddish for a burned Qur’an and for the 4 Afghans and 8 UN security personnel & staff killed today.  Check the numbers, tho.

The idiot.  The blasphemous idiot.   You don’t burn books.

I have nothing to add.

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