our “kaddish in two-part harmony” podcast is live!

We’ve finally made the necessary arrangements with ASCAP so that we can run a public, free podcast of the daily “Kaddish” recordings.

You can now subscribe to our daily “kaddish in two-part harmony” podcast in the iTunes music store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/beitmalkhut-org/id427553603

You can also use this RSS feed link with other RSS readers: https://beitmalkhut.org/?feed=podcast

If you use blubrry, our podcast title is “kaddish in two-part harmony.”

As of today, all our daily Kaddish recordings are linked directly in this blog as “daily kaddish: [title]” posts that have an embedded Media Player. To listen to a daily recording, just click the big black play button:

For best sound…

Using the best headphones you have is a good idea. Computer speakers don’t reproduce the horn’s distinctive timbre well.

This is a process, not a product

The musician has not worked on “Kaddish” (by Lev Kogan, published and copyright by Israel Brass Woodwind Publications in 1982) seriously for over twenty years, and she starts this process fairly out of shape, having not practiced horn at all for several weeks. Each daily recording is done in one take, with no editing, and with no practicing of “Kaddish” beforehand.

This project explores, among many other things, the process of a musician working up a performance from the beginning, including the challenges along the way. As such, the recordings are not final productions of a complete artistic expression; they are a journalistic record of a process.

The old way

Before we our podcast went live, we asked those who were interested in listening to do this:

  • Send us email. One of us will reply with a DropBox sharing link.
  • Each day, click that link to get the day’s new recording.
  • Recordings come out daily, sometime between midnight and midnight. Usually before dinnertime.
  • Please also sign up for your own free Dropbox account and install the software. (Do not skip the second step, please.)

Getting your own (free!) Dropbox account and installing the software is not a requirement of listening, but your doing so from this referral link will earn Erin more free space in her Dropbox account, and for this collaborative project, that’s really useful!

Notes for our Dropbox listeners

Now that we have the podcast live, it is no longer necessary to use the Dropbox to share recordings privately with those who have asked to join our virtual, asynchronous minyan, but we’ll keep the Dropbox around for a while in case our original listeners prefer to stay with a way of listening that has by now become quite familiar.

We’re deprecating the Dropbox in favor of embedded recordings and podcast feeds, but it’s still a good idea to sign up for Dropbox!

Please do not delete files from the Dropbox!

When you delete files from the Dropbox on your machine, that deletes them from everybody’s machine, including our own master copy of the dropbox folder. Fortunately, there are ways to undelete files, and I keep backups, but it’s a big hassle.

The podcasts are only about 4Mb each, and most people’s Dropbox accounts are 2Gb or smaller, meaning that no matter how many files we add to the Dropbox, it’s never going to consume more than 2Gb of your hard drive. To put that in perspective, the total space is a lot smaller than most of those USB thumb drives we all carry around. It’s smaller than the card in most people’s digital camera. It’s one-eighth the amount of space of the cheapest iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you really, really need the space back, just quit the Dropbox. You can listen to all the recordings directly from the blog, or by subscribing to the podcast in iTunes or using any RSS feed-reader, as described above.

If you want to stop getting the “kaddish” dropbox contents:

  • find the Dropbox taskbar item in the lower right corner (Windows) or the menu bar item in the upper right corner (Mac)
  • select Preferences…
  • Click Advanced
  • uncheck the “kaddish” folder in the list of which folders to sync to your computer

If you want to stop using Dropbox altogether on a certain computer:

  • find the Dropbox taskbar item in the lower right corner (Windows) or the menu bar item in the upper right corner (Mac)
  • select Preferences…
  • click Account
  • click Unlink This Computer…

About erin

Erin Vang, PMP, BMus, MMus, is Owner and Principal Pragmatist of the consultancy Global Pragmatica LLC®, offering custom JMP scripting, localization program management, and facilitative leadership services. She is also an orchestral horn player who freelances in the San Francisco Bay Area and plays assorted brass for the celebrated dance bands Midnight Smørgåsbord and contraPtion. More about Erin…
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4 Responses to our “kaddish in two-part harmony” podcast is live!

  1. erin says:

    I think we need Mira in that album cover artwork, by the way. Help me persuade her to indulge a brief photo shoot!

  2. mira says:

    Oh, Erin— my comment disappeared, and I’ll never be able to duplicate it. So let me just say:

    I count myself the luckiest of collaborators to have you walking this walk with me. Healing, more than I could have imagined. Originally, I had written something like that ‘the gods themselves’ could not have brought me a greater gift than this, this work we do together.

    Except, that I know I said it better. Eloquent, even. With or without some flowing words, my gratitude is heartfelt.

    I’m looking forward to discovering the continued unfolding of this, our integral transformative practice. Mazel tov for getting us into the podosphere.

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