daily kaddish: bismilleh duet


A duet for horn and Mira’s “bismilleh” version of the Kaddish text. I tried to conceive of this one as a true duet, with voice and horn taking equal parts in an harmonic exchange. As I described it to her:

Mira, your kaddish is ready.

It must be about time for you to record me a new Kaddish, because I’m getting so comfortable with the pacing of this one, I actually found that I could play along with you rhythmically in the stretches where we’re together—all except the final segment, where I did a post-edit to delay you so that your ועמרו אמן would come on my final note.

Reb Deb sent this comment:

Erin — you got the placement of the reading just about perfect. I
just listened, and it’s the first time I’ve listened to Mira’s
Bismilleh recording all the way through — Mira, I love what you did
at the end!!!! (Mi Chamocha and “leaving slavery in Egypt” have had
an entirely new meaning the past month). This isn’t a thought-out
response, just “Wow, you really placed those words where it
feels/sounds like they belong!” Nice work.


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