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Update: as of 2018, the “kaddish in two-part harmony” is no longer maintaining a podcast feed, and we’re no longer paying ASCAP royalties for the privilege of publishing the recordings of Lev Kogan’s “Kaddish.” The buttons to play individual episodes found within blog posts no longer work.

If you are interested in making private arrangements to hear the recordings, please contact

Yes, you are welcome to listen along.

We’ve made the necessary arrangements with ASCAP so that we can run a public, free podcast of the daily “Kaddish” recordings.

You can now subscribe to our daily “kaddish in two-part harmony” podcast in the iTunes music store:

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If you use blubrry, our podcast title is “kaddish in two-part harmony.”

As of today, all our daily Kaddish recordings are linked directly in this blog as “daily kaddish: [title]” posts that have an embedded Media Player. To listen to a daily recording, just click the big black play button:

For best sound…

Using the best headphones you have is a good idea. Computer speakers don’t reproduce the horn’s distinctive timbre well.

This is a process, not a product

The musician has not worked on “Kaddish” (by Lev Kogan, published and copyright by Israel Brass Woodwind Publications in 1982) seriously for over twenty years, and she starts this process fairly out of shape, having not practiced horn at all for several weeks. Each daily recording is done in one take, with no editing, and with no practicing of “Kaddish” beforehand.

This project explores, among many other things, the process of a musician working up a performance from the beginning, including the challenges along the way. As such, the recordings are not final productions of a complete artistic expression; they are a journalistic record of a process.