essays kaddish in two-part harmony Seymour Fromer z"l

the religion of labor: remembering a.d. gordon

I can’t seem to let A.D. Gordon go.  And yet his is not an ideology that almost anyone seems to care about these days. Isn’t the modern task to seek more leisure and relegate labor to lesser beings — transient workers, illegal immigrants, cheap Arab labor, robots if you’ve got ’em? Aharon David Gordon was […]

essays kaddish in two-part harmony

the meat and the messiah — a kaddish

— sacrifice/d — sometimes with a prayer  — defined by others (i.e. often passive recipients of the category) — unnatural arc, so who would make this stuff up? — untimely demise — averting being wrinkled, old, or unlovely — they die so that we may live, especially the meat — frequently male, for some ungodly […]


of gummy-worms and larger creatures

Michael Pollan has been eloquent in his appeal that we change our eating and growing habits. He sums it all up in seven syllables — not quite a koan, nor haiku either, but nevertheless giving off the impression of a wise and ancient teaching: eat foodnot too muchmostly plants A modest proposal from a modest […]