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another kaddish for japan’s daughters and sons: on scale-slipping and tragedy

A kaddish for all the sons and daughters Japan has lost and will continue losing in the aftermath of this devastation, whose enormous universal scale I cannot comprehend, whose personal scale is also enormous in its minute detail. On how we use scale-slipping to cope with tragedy. A reply to Mira’s kaddish one daughter at a time. Continue reading

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optimism in the face of reason, or: another kaddish for new orleans

Mira wrote about having a grudge against optimism in a recent essay that has left me wandering lost in my own mind. See, I agree with just about everything she wrote. I largely agree with her worldview. But I am a persistent optimist. I am an optimist in the face of considerable clear evidence that optimism is irrational. Continue reading

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a kaddish for new orleans

The meetings. New Orleans. Again. Our session this time was ‘On the Circulation of Trance: Trance in 21st century globalized society’ or something like that. One of those times when every paper led seamlessly into the next, each amplifying the … Continue reading

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