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like an addiction, it’s hard to stop—

I can’t quite take the pictures down. Can’t quite stop staring at them. Can’t call it an altar exactly, but I know others do. Others have. And others will.  How do we stop mourning and put the pictures away? And the candles. And the little mementos and ritual objects that surround those photos that remind […]

essays kaddish in two-part harmony the rebbe's queer daughters

sephardi pride, ashkenazi arrogance 1.1.9

“Peasants!” the rebbe would mutter under his breath, when his wife Sarah’s customs went too far for his Ashkenazi sensibilities. But of course, her people were not peasants. They were proud of a long and sanctified lineage.  Proud of the language they had retained since the 15th century.  Proud of those they claimed as their […]