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this is going to end badly, she said

Malkah woke up, and she was healed of her despair. Her body felt light, like it could just float up into the ether — except for the fact that she already resided there to begin with. Her spirit was lighter … Continue reading

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the life-taker and the life-giver: on the healing power of estrogen

It was a very long time ago, but I just got jolted by it again. He, the Vet, had walked into my office. There was already a student in there and she overheard him say, “I could have killed you … Continue reading

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on not wanting a ‘conversation with god’

Last night, I had another tetragrammaton moment, where all the elements — the yud, the hei, the vav, and the hei — come together, alchemically bound and perfect in every way. Well, it wasn’t that. There were only three of … Continue reading

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