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daily kaddish: for A.D. Gordon on his birthday

A kaddish for A.D. Gordon z”l on his birthday.

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the religion of labor: remembering a.d. gordon

I can’t seem to let A.D. Gordon go.  And yet his is not an ideology that almost anyone seems to care about these days. Isn’t the modern task to seek more leisure and relegate labor to lesser beings — transient workers, illegal immigrants, cheap Arab labor, robots if you’ve got ’em? Aharon David Gordon was […]


the very best sephardi charoset ever, hashisha candy, and the religion of labor

I mean, it’s not really chauvinistic to admit when something is without question and beyond doubt just the very best, right? This is something that can be tested empirically.  Blind taste test, right? Well, actually not.  There’s the nostalgia factor.   People are attached to family traditions, especially with regard to foods, and they become […]