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Sometimes keeping up the daily ritual is a royal pain.


Sometimes keeping up the daily ritual is a royal pain.

Today was one of those days: I’d had a long day by suppertime, and it only got worse after supper when I looked up the schedule for tomorrow’s Western Users of SAS Software conference in San Francisco. My consultancy offers custom script development for a SAS product called JMP, so I proposed a paper for the conference about that. In July I got word that my paper had been accepted only as a poster and was wait listed  for a speaking slot, so in early August, I wrote my poster and sent it in. A few weeks later I got email instructing me to upload my paper, and it wasn’t at all clear to me whether that meant my poster had been promoted to a talk. I sent email asking about that, wrote my paper, and uploaded it. I never got back any clarification, so I assumed that this is one of those conferences where poster presenters get to put a paper in the proceedings, but they don’t actually give the paper as a talk.

Not exactly great communication.

So tonight, I wasn’t all that surprised when I checked the conference schedule to find out what time I was supposed to set up my poster, only to discover that I was listed as giving a hands-on workshop at 2pm tomorrow. My plans to relax and watch a movie thus shot, I settled in for another night at the computer, preparing a talk and slides. I got sidetracked along the way by a hefty number of other things, so it was 2am by the time I finally was ready for bed and—


Still needed to make a kaddish.

Argh. What a pain—not that it’s the Kaddish’s fault that my work life is like this.

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Erin Vang, PMP, BMus, MMus, is Owner and Principal Pragmatist of the consultancy Global Pragmatica LLC®, offering custom JMP scripting, localization program management, and facilitative leadership services. She is also an orchestral horn player who freelances in the San Francisco Bay Area and plays assorted brass for the celebrated dance bands Midnight Smørgåsbord and contraPtion. More about Erin…

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